Wood/Coal Fired Air Heater Manufacturer/Suppliers in India

Air Heater - Wood Fired/Coal Fired

ARAVALI THERMAL manufactures WOOD/COAL FIRED AIR HEATERS which are highly efficient, economical, compact in sizes with minimum running/maintenance cost.
The WOOD/COAL FIRED AIR HEATERS are available in following ranges:-




25,000 KCAL/HR TO 10,00,000 KCAL/HR




60 0C to 150 0C

Wood/Coal Fired Air Heater Manufacturer in India, Wood/Coal Fired Air Heater Suppliers in India, Wood/Coal Fired Air Heater Exporters in India. The AIR HEATERS are fitted with Imported CENTRIFUGAL BLOWERS of medium/ high volume and static pressure of reputed makes. The blowers are statically and dynamically balanced as per AMCA standards. Bearings of the blowers have a longer life. The fans are highly efficient and noiseless.
The outer frame/body of the AIR HEATERS is fabricated in Mild Steel. The furnace chamber of the Heat Exchanger is fabricated in stainless steel for a longer life and high efficiency to sustain at a high temperature. We also make VFD based Control Panel using Electrical items/Motor/VFD of reputed makes. ARAVALI THERMAL AIR HEATERS can be used for various applications including Rotogravure Printing, Flexo Printing, Lamination, Coating, Pharmaceutical Industries, Carpet, Food Industry, Gutka/ Supari, Central Heating etc.



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