Incineration Project Execution


The Project Execution Plan (PEP) is the core document for the management of a project. It is a statement of policies and procedures defined by the project manager for the project sponsor/project director's approval. It sets out in a structured format the project scope, objectives, milestones, communication plan, Project change control procedures and other key project information. 

This project Execution template covers the items listed below, although some may appear under a number of headings with a cross reference system employed to avoid duplication:
• project definition and brief.    • project scope and milestiones.    • High-vele business requirements.    • roles, responsibilities and authorities.    • project cost plan and cost management procedures.    • risk and sensitivity analysis.    • programme management.    • contracting and procurement.    • Project change management control procuderures.    • Project communication pan.    • administrative systems and procedures.    • safety and environmental issues, such as the construction design and management regulations.    • quality assurance.    • commissioningt.     • post project evaluation and etc.    • This Project Execution Plan template can be used to manage every stage of project life cycle for any industry.


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