Dual Fuel Air Heaters Manufacturer/Suppliers in Karnal

Dual Fuel

Dual Fuel Air Heaters Manufacturer in Karnal, Dual Fuel Air Heaters Suppliers in Karnal, Dual Fuel Air Heaters Exporters in Karnal. ARAVALI THERMAL also manufactures DUAL FUEL AIR HEATERS. which are highly efficient,economical, compact in sizes with minimum running/maintenance cost.
The DUAL FUEL AIR HEATERS are available in fuels likes Oil & Gas.
The DUAL FUEL AIR HEATERS are available in following ranges:-




25,000 KCAL/HR TO 10,00,000 KCAL/HR




60 0C to 250 0C

The AIR HEATERS are fitted with Imported CENTRIFUGAL BLOWERS of medium/ high volume and static pressure of reputed makes. The blowers are statically and dynamically balanced as per AMCA standards. Bearings of the blowers have a longer life. The fans are highly efficient and noiseless.
We use imported BURNERS of reputed makes having high efficiency with minimum running cost. The components used in the burners are of reputed make of foreign countries.
The outer frame/body of the AIR HEATERS is fabricated in Mild Steel. The furnace chamber of the Heat Exchanger is fabricated in stainless steel for a longer life and high efficiency to sustain at a high temperature. We also make VFD based Control Panel using Electrical items/Motor/VFD of reputed makes. ARAVALI THERMAL AIR HEATERS can be used for various applications including Rotogravure Printing, Flexo Printing, Lamination, Coating, Pharmaceutical Industries, Carpet, Food Industry, Gutka/ Supari, Central Heating etc.



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