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Municipal Solid Waste Management Companies in Karnal, Solid & Hazardous Waste Management in Karnal. Aravali Thermal is the pioneer manufacturer of solid waste compactors/ balers having state of art facilities and infrastructure. The waste compactors are basically used to reduce the size/volume of waste as per the requirement of customer/ site. This reduces the operational cost , transportation cost and saves energy.
Compactors are machines used to reduce the size of waste material. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes depending upon the intended application and material to be processed. Compaction refers to the process of applying stress to a low-density material — in this case solid waste — in order to displace air from spaces between the grains or pieces of material. This process renders the material into a smaller, higher-density package or surface which is easier to transport or build upon.
Waste compaction is performed in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. By reducing the size of waste materials, businesses and homeowners can reduce the overall volume of trash and save space in designated waste areas. An example of this use can be commonly seen on waste collection vehicles (colloquially known as "garbage trucks"): by including an integrated compactor within the truck's storage area, the vehicle's waste capacity is increased, reducing the number of times the payload area must be emptied. 
Waste compactors are often specially built to handle specific types of waste. Specialized types include can crushers, car crushers, drum crushers, lamp compactors, and solar "waste bin" type compactors. In light of these wide-ranging applications and uses, compactors are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small residential trash can compactors to large industrial compactors attached directly to plants or loading docks. While most waste compactors use hydraulic power to apply force, some are electrically- or even manually-powered. Solid waste compactors as described in this selection guide are regarded as entities separate from aggregate compactors, which are typically heavy equipment attachments (or self-contained vehicles) used to compact asphalt, stone, sand, and earth to form a foundation for roads or buildings.


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